In Pennsylvania, after-school programs are provided by a diverse network of organizations...

Boys & Girls Clubs, Child Care Centers, Community Centers, Faith-based organizations, Home-based child care providers, Parks & Recreation Departments, Police Athletic Leagues, School-Age Care Programs, Schools, YMCAs, and YWCAs.

In 1993, a group of stakeholders representing organizations throughout the Commonwealth and committed to the expansion of high quality after-school programs gathered together to form the Pennsylvania School-Age Child Care Alliance.


Out-of-School-Time is an important pillar in youth development in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania's School-Age Professionals are recognized, valued, respected, and appreciated.

The History of PENN SACCA

Prior to 1993, there were loose groups of administrators and providers talking about school-age child care scattered throughout Pennsylvania. Many of these groups were in some way connected to the regional School-Age Projects. The Western Region had the only Pennsylvania affiliate to the National School-Age Child Care Alliance (NSACCA), the Western Pennsylvania School-Age Child Care Alliance.

Fall 1992

A proposal is submitted on behalf of Pennsylvania to sponsor the 1994 National School-Age Child Care Alliance Conference. Diane Barber is notified that Pennsylvania's proposal to host the conference in Philadelphia is accepted.

July 1993

A statewide Leadership Institute was held in Philadelphia with trainers from the Wellesley School-Age Child Care Project. Forty-two people from across Pennsylvania attend. The group discusses the formation of a statewide SACC organization. Tracey Ballas & Betty Gehring are the trainers.

October 14 & 15, 1993

Tracey Ballas and Steve Rosen from the National School-Age Child Care Alliance (NSACA) were invited to conduct SACC coalition building trainers as a track at the annual Pennsylvania Association of Child Care Agencies Conference in Harrisburg

November 1, 1993

The SACC Coalition Committee meets and adopts the name Pennsylvania School-Age Child Care Alliance (PENN SACCA) and christens the group the PENN SACCA Strategic Planning Committee.

January 1994

Using the regional School-Age Project's mailing lists and newsletters, a survey was mailed to 3,000 names. 219 surveys were returned to the Lancaster Recreation Department who tallied the results. To the question, "Would you be interested in becoming a member of this organization?" 75% of the respondents answered yes.

April 1994

The 1994 NSACCA Conference is held in Pennsylvania. Overall attendance is 1,200 with nearly 400 people from Pennsylvania. Conference provides PENN SACCA with a nest egg of over $28,000. ($5,000 is later donated to the New Jersey SACC Alliance for their help with the conference) .

May 25 & 26, 1994

The PENN SACCA Strategic Planning Committee conducts a day and a half strategic planning retreat to set direction and organizational structure for PENN SACCA. The committee develops a mission statement for the organization and three year strategic plan with objectives and action steps.

October 19, 1994

By-Laws are adopted, membership fees are set, and the group elects an interim Board of Directors. Diane Barber, Chair; Suzanne Zanella, Vice Chair; Sharon Schweningers, Secretary; Linda Mapes, Treasurer.

Spring 1995
PENN SACCA distributes first membership brochures through the regional School-Age Projects.


Fall 1995

PENN SACCA publishes first newsletter PENN SACCA Reports. October 1995 PENN SACCA membership elects first Board of Directors. PENN SACCA holds first annual meeting.

June 1995

PENN SACCA incorporates as a non profit corporation with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

September 1995

PENN SACCA amends its by-laws.

January 1996

Resource Bank survey results presented by Nancy Schall provided a "snapshot" of our members, including a listing of respondents and their expertise in SACC.

February-March 1996

PENN SACCA launches "High Five" campaign in support of school-age child care training and subsidy funding. The Public Policy committee delivers 5,000 traced hands to state legislators with messages from children, parents, and staff describing the importance of school-age child care services.

Summer 1996

PENN SACCA submits a proposal to host the 2000 National School-Age Child Care Alliance Conference in Pittsburgh. The proposal is accepted.

October 1996

Second Annual Meeting is Held in Harrisburg.

Winter 1997

PENN SACCA awarded advanced determination by the IRS of 501 (c) (3) status. 2nd Board of Directors election held.

Spring 1997

PENN SACCA files for official affiliate paperwork with NSACA.

April 1997

PENN SACCA holds first statewide SACC Conference -- The SACC Quilt: Piecing it all Together -- over 150 people attend. The conference was held at Millersville University. Carol Broderick and Carmen Weachter were co-chairs.

April 1998

PENN SACCA holds second statewide SACC Quilt: Piecing it all Together Conference at Millersville University. Valerie Clark and Nancy Schall were co-chairs.

April 1999

PENN SACCA holds third statewide SACC Quilt: Piecing it all Together Conference at King's College in Wilkes-Barre. Joyce Lang chaired.

April 2000

PENN SACCA hosts NSACA National Conference in Pittsburgh, with over 2000 conferees. Suzanne Zanella was Conference Chair and liason to the national board.

May 2001

PENN SACCA holds fourth statewide SACC Quilt: Piecing it all Together Conference at Millersville University. Lauren Haag chaired.

October 2001

PENN SACCA sponsors NSACA Endorser Training , resulting in fourteen trained endorsers from four different states. Nine PENN SACCA board members (Kathe Trimble, Sharon Schweninger, Leslie Roesler, Brenda Rochester, Nancy Schall, Lynn Karavanich, Mary Jane Hostetter, Valerie Clark and Diane Barber) were a part of that group. Endorsers support the final step for programs seeking accreditation through NSACA.

April 2002

5th Annual Conference for School Age Child Professionals at Millersville University, chaired by Nancy Schall.

May 2003

PENN SACCA changes conference format into a Professional Development Forum to offer more in depth discussion of school age needs and issues. Held at the PENN STATER Conference Center in State College. Chaired by Lauren Haag.

May 2004

Professional Development Forum- held at the PENN STATER Conference Center. Chaired by Lauren Haag

Spring 2005

PENN SACCA Board of Directors creates a three year working action plan under the leadership of Susan Sofayov, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh. The plan emphasizes strengthening the infrastructure of PENN SACCA.

April 2006

SAC Quilt: Piecing it All Together, Healthy Bodies and Fit Minds at the PENN STATER Conference Center. We invited the National Institute on Out-of-School Time to facilitate Links to Learning, a 2 day session addressing how after school programs can connect activities after-school to children’s learning during the school day. Our website got a new look. Thanks to Diane Barber for her creativity!

October 2006

PENN SACCA participates in Lights On Afterschool. This is a national public awareness effort to show parents, local legislators, and other members of the public how afterschool programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families.

April 2007

SAC Quilt – Piecing It All Together – Respect For All Children – PENN SACCA’S 10th Annual Conference at the Penn Stater Conference Center

October 2007

PENN SACCA urges centers to participate in Lights On Afterschool. Save the dates sent out to members via constant contact.

September 2008

Board of Directors meet for a strategic planning retreat and Board Training facilitated by NonProfit Leadership Institute of Duquesne University. We adopt a new mission, ‘PENN SACCA supports school age professionals’, and a new vision, ‘To create strong School-Age Professional networks in half of Pennsylvania’s counties by 2013.’

October 2008

Members are encouraged to show support for Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide celebration of afterschool programs.

November 2008

Time for a change! We moved our conference to November and in Harrisburg! Our 11th Annual Conference ‘Creating Quality’ at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-East was a great success! We celebrated our 15th birthday with help from Jim Atkinson, Mr. Happy at the Friday night reception at the conference.

November 2009

The 12th Annual Statewide Conference, Building Networks - Achieve Quality through Pride and Accountability at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg East.  Conference Co-Chairs:  Connie Morak and Thomasine Washington

November 2010

The 13th Annual Statewide Conference, Networking - Moving Together One SACC Program at a Time was held at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg East.  National trainers, Mike and Chelsea Ashcraft and Laurie Olhoff presented to our school age professionals.

November 2011

Out-of-School-Time professionals enjoyed the 14th Annual Statewide Conference at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg East.  Mike and Chelsea Ashcraft once again presented.

November 2015

Nationally recognized presenter, Liz Joye shared her expertise with the out-of-school-time professionals who attended our annual conference at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, PA.

2015 NAA Convention in Washington, D.C - PENN SACCA sponsored a Stem Lab. PENN SACCA donated materials and helped create an environment for practitioners to experiment with during the conference.

2016 AfterSchool Advocacy Day - PENN SACCA Co-Chair, Wendy Roush, represented PENN SACCA and spoke about the need to access professional development and tuition assisstance for school-age professionals.